Life is bloody testing me…

Everything is fine, mostly. LIES!

I have to switch host families.



Yes I have to repack all of my stuff and move to a new family.

"But you’ve already been there for a month, why?"

Apparently it has taken this long for the American half of the organization I’m traveling with to decide they don’t like my ‘host fathers’ criminal past.

"Criminal past? They already let you stay there….."

The ‘criminal past’ in question was a drug problem in the 80s. I have already told my mom and she had no problem with me staying where I am, but the organization says no. Also apparently they’ve known they were moving me for about a week now and decided to tell me yesterday, the day before I have to move out.

"How are you feeling?"

Pissed, excited. I don’t know, I just got comfortable with my current host family, I have been having problems with my host family’s dogs though, so I really don’t know.

"Is everything else alright?"

So unfortunately my glasses broke right down the middle like snapped in half Harry Potter style. They where in my backpack and when I got home yesterday and all of the dogs decided to jump and wrestle on it when I was taking my shoes off so I think it happened then, I will ask my new family to take me to get new ones. Then Queenie (the puppy) jumped on me yesterday (I was standing) and bit into my yoga pants (she jumped up high) and when she fell back down to the floor was still holding on so there a large rip on the upper thigh, which made me pissed because they were the long ones that I have only had for 2 months now. I won’t be missing her.

                                                         I think life is testing me


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